Surprise! NOT!

Dear Editor,

Well, the (powers that be) have done it again! (Not as though we all didn’t know that was going to happen!) Unbelievable that even though it’s not needed, and the truckers don’t want it, and the general population that I have spoken to sees no need for it. Guess what? We’re getting to pay millions of dollars for a roundabout that will make, in my opinion, an eyesore in the middle of town. They did all this refurbish work to make Warren look like quaint small town America and now they’re going to move and destroy areas to put in this massive circle of pavement! I have to wonder who is benefiting from this? Is it that someone doesn’t want the big trucks to be able to get through town easily? Or that someone is benefiting some OTHER way from all of this? Amazing to me that these officials that we vote for have no problem putting us further and further in debt to pay for things we don’t need or want, with no regard for the general population. Kind of makes one wonder.

Vickie Surdyk,