Dear Editor,

Blue Goose II. Warren (Worn) already is a roundabout. Everybody goes around it about his enterprise. Only business done here is in the toilet.

The town square is a peg trying to fit into a round hole, whittling away far short of a well-rounded mark. To square the circle, not circle (going around in circles) the squares takes more (to go the distance).

Song and dance of the powers that be are off key and out of step in deeming themselves civil engineers — more apt pseudo engineers. They are only happy when everyone else they make miserable from the outcome of their ignorance of not being able to operate outside of the box: letting innate intelligence of the common man (sense) to judge self-requirements: all intersections ‘yield’ relative to safety. Verification: WTO, 11-22-18, outstanding LTE Widell Roundabout, PA Ave./Market St.

Remember, when you think it is good ask, ‘Yes, but is it good enough?’ Not, is your city to grow, going around about issues or consequence — accountability — low taxes, all of which are uncivil to the citizen:

1. unionized police/fire;

2. rotten cops;

3. abusers of the public way;

4. parking meters;

5. double-speak;

6. model to a high level (ooh and ah). Only ah here is aw — awful, ungodly awful.

Verification: WTO’s salient opinion, 11-21-18, NACE.

If you want progress manage on how bad you are, not how good, otherwise you’re a Democrat. All problems have solutions. ‘Operation Tidy Town.’ So, to solve or not to solve?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson,