Dear Editor,

H. L. Mencken’s words, “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy,” can easily be turned on its head to disparage another group such as people of a different political persuasion than you foster.

This leads me to firstly say we need to eliminate this oppositional rhetoric between the American political parties and come back to a mutual care and concern of all citizens as our focus.

“Happiness” or at least peace of mind to me are provided by:

Social Security for the elderly;

Medicare medical coverage for the aging;

Medicaid expansion for the infirmed or mentally disabled;

23 million more Americans covered by health care avoiding stress and anxiety;

102 million Americans with pre-existing conditions have no worries;

Immigrants seeking asylum from violence, unemployment, poverty have an avenue of appeal;

Clean Air and Clean water legislation made our world a better place to exist (remember Nixon vetoed this legislation and it was overridden);

OSHA safety regulations for workers protected laborers;

Negotiating privileges of the American worker result in fairness;

Our LGBTQ people are not blocked from serving in the military;

The Democrats worked in a bi-partisan manner on the proposed DACA law to allow Dreamers to be American citizens.

For the most part, these Democratic initiatives have made for a better nation and a healthier society.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Davis,