‘Ominous Historical Parallels’

Dear Editor,

Why Donald Trump is often compared to Adolf Hitler:

Hitler was a Nationalist. Donald Trump claims he is a Nationalist.

Hitler came to power by constitutional means, elected under a democratic government. Trump came to power by constitutional means, elected under a democratic government.

After Germany lost the war, Hitler’s stated goal was to restore the honor of Germany and make Germany great again. Trump ran on a platform of making America great again.

Hitler described how to move crowds: “First feel them out, see what interests them, say a few things over and over again. Lie. But don’t tell a lie based on a kernel of truth; the strength of lying is to tell the absolute opposite of the truth.” Trump speaks the absolute opposite of the truth with resolute certainty in his voice, and he does move crowds. Both men, though amoral, have charisma.

Both men cast blame, Hitler to the Jews, Trump to the democrats.

Hitler threw liberals in jail. Trump keeps repeating: “Lock her up.” And he would, if he could.

When Hitler came to power, he built up his fleet and air force. Trump is aggressively building up our military, risking an escalation in the arms race. Trump even proposes that we create a new branch of military: a Space Force.

Hitler believed in racial superiority. Trump, by way of his speech and actions, demonstrates conclusively that he believes in racial superiority.

Hitler believed he was a world-historical figure, beyond good and evil. Trump, a self-acclaimed genius, would have us believe he is a great man.

Hitler’s authority was little limited by checks and balances. Trump’s authority is little limited by the in-place checks and balances in our system of government.

Hitler had the intellectuals in his pocket. Trump has congress in his pocket.

This short list of similarities between Hitler and Trump is not exhaustive; there are dozens of other similarities for anyone who cares to investigate, to learn from history.

Though this last item introduces both similarity and dissimilarity between the two men in the same claim, it is telling nonetheless: Hitler was a poor student in school, but a serious autodidact, and as a result, articulate and in-focus. Trump was a poor student, period; he has the articulation and focus of a sixth-grader repeating the grade.

Joseph Priddy,