Dear Editor,

The United States is being invaded. Think that 7,000 individuals of unknown history crossing our border uninvited is not an “Invasion”? My good old Websters Dictionary reads, “to invade is 1. To enter forcibly or hostilely. 2. To crowd into. 3. To intrude upon; infringe on; violate. 4. To enter and spread through with harmful effects; as a disease invades tissue.” 7,000 people are equivalent to 10 military Battalions. We are supposed to believe that this force was a spontaneous effort. Baloney! Its a coordinated plan to drag down our economy and then Our Country.

If the Mainstream Media were doing its job, they would ask and find the answers to these questions:

*If these people are seeking asylum in the USA, why are they displaying their country’s flag at every photo op? By doing so, does that mean they will not assimilate like the Somalis in Minnesota but accept all of the benefits that Our Country offers?

*If their country is so corrupt, why don’t they use their 7,000 compatriots to protest their own governments to affect change? That’s what the Colonists did.

*If they are seeking asylum, why not take Mexico’s offer for asylum? Many of them are coming here to get a better life. The law says that isn’t an acceptable reason to apply for asylum. If they want to come, they need to get in line and apply legally like everyone else.

*If they are fleeing their ruthless, poor country, why are there so many overweight men and women.

*How are they taking care of basic hygiene needs? Mexico is going to be a crappy mess.

*Videos show them sleeping in tents. Who is transporting those tents?

*Who is paying for the big flatbed trucks, trains, buses, food, water, clothing, and medical care? I would bet on organizations sponsored by power-hungry billionaires like Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg.

The liberals are licking their chops thinking that no matter what Pres. Trump does it will make him look like the big, bad wolf. However, I look for the President to “Out Fox” them again.

If this invasion succeeds, you may think that it won’t affect us here in Pennsylvania. Remember the last “Horde” that invaded the US? Many States refused to take the illegals, but our illustrious, liberal Gov. Wolf said, “Bring ’em in!” criminals and all. Video interviews from this caravan revealed one man hoping for a pardon in the US. When asked what he was charged with, he responded “attempted murder”. Others were shown to have MS13 tattoos. Mexico has apprehended over 300 drug dealers Human traffickers, and other “wanted criminals.” To me, it is just common sense to counter the invasion.

Joanne Oviatt,