Better nation?

Dear Editor,

From my view, the foolishness of Democrats is killing our country. The first 5 socialist items on your list have a major indisputable math problem. They take more money to function than is available. Who is going to pay for those items? You decide someone has more than they need, so you feel the obligation to take what is theirs and redistribute it. No matter what brand of socialism you want to call your identified items, for a multitude of reasons, they have never worked fairly in the long run, and they work to the detriment of liberty, freedom to choose, and self-motivation.

Immigrants seeking asylum from poverty, violence, and unemployment: By law, not one of those items are viable reasons for asylum. Using those reasons, over 90% of asylum seekers are denied asylum and sent back to their country of origin, if they don’t ignore their court date and live here as illegal aliens.

DACA is not a law. It is an executive order by Obama. He could not get the bill through Congress. By using his pen to promote a failed bill, he created a terrible mess of Democratic origin.

Trump wanted to negotiate a bill on immigration and offered some form of citizenship to Dreamers through a bipartisan agreement on immigration. Democrats refused to talk about it. Your party has solved nothing and revels in the havoc they created.

Clean air, clean water: we all want that. Democrats create problems by writing regulations that are binding “laws” instead of submitting bills to Congress for debate and passage into real laws. Cabinet-level regulations that go beyond reason kill industries by making it so expensive to operate that businesses leave the US for overseas locations.

Corporate tax cannot go unmentioned. The Democrats promote higher corporate taxes on what were already the highest taxes in the industrial world for redistribution to socialist programs. Robin Hood’s taking from the rich and giving to the poor was a fairy tale, not a real-world map for prosperity.

Are Democratic initiatives making for a better world and healthier society? No. Democrats look to be temper tantrum throwing children that won’t talk about our problems because they cannot have their way. They refuse to engage in elementary mathematics that leads only to fiscal disaster. They refuse to follow our laws established through Congress, and further, refuse negotiation to change laws that would be beneficial to our Republic.

Dan Reiff,