Ash trees

To the editor,

I am referring to the article in the Oct. 25 issue of the Warren Times Observer about the request of the Warren County School District to the U.S. Forest Service to cut all of the ash trees on the ANF before they die or are attacked by the emerald ash borer.

It shouldn’t take a forester or logger to realize this is not economically feasible. It would cost more to cut and deliver all the ash logs to the sawmills than what their price would bring, thus a negative amount to the WCSD.

Ash does not grow in pure stands but scattered throughout the forest with two or three trees here and there. I’m sure the forest service will cut all the ash growing on any planned timber sale. But to bring a road and equipment to each ash tree on the ANF would not be feasible and cost more than the trees are worth.


Donald Dorn, retired forester,