Sheffield Rod & Gun Club

Dear Editor,

The Board of the Sheffield Rod and Gun Club held their monthly meeting on September 25th and chose to revoke the memberships of The Well-Armed Women. This decision may have been made solely by the President, but it became a collective decision of the board when other board members chose to not speak up.

The narrow-minded mentality of the President reflects poorly on the club and shows that sexism is alive and well in Warren County. It’s long past due that we as a society need to stop thinking of women as being something less or not as capable as men.

If the Board’s position is that of the President in that he said, “we don’t need you women up here waving your guns around,” I will reconsider taking my membership elsewhere. The board needs to take another look at this decision and think about how they’d feel if their mothers, wives or daughters were treated in this manner.

Michael Walters,


Club member