Dear Editor,

Thank you for informing the reader who missed the Wednesday meeting, as I, about the Pennsylvania and Market Street intersection study and proposals. I have had a sincere interest in the subject of the “roundabout” and want to let my thoughts be known.

In my travels through Ireland, I adapted to the roundabout and now one can practice when leaving Waterford, Pa., and heading easterly. In the time of the discussion for the roundabout back when a light was removed at Liberty and Penn, I became acquainted with a development of three roundabouts on the main street of Olean, N.Y. Since the completion in Olean, an older resident has spoken favorably regarding the change. “It takes time to feel comfortable.”

The PennDOT engineer was reported to state several positive features of a roundabout. Those points supporting roundabouts are:

1. It reduces accidents;

2. Maintains a steady traffic flow;

3. Can accommodate the 18 wheelers;

4. Offers safer crossing for the pedestrian;

5. Prevents road rage, which I experienced;

6. Probably, it is cost-effective in the long run.

I’m young enough to look forward to this change and trust my councilpersons will cast a favorable vote.


Mary Conarro,