In response

Dear Editor,

This is in response to a letter published 9-12-18 in the editorial page, titled NFL players. It is a total fabrication and a falsehood that President Trump is somehow trampling on the Constitution by noting his disdain for kneeling NFL players. This is simply the bile of the leftist narrative that if someone doesn’t agree with their perspective that you are violating the Constitution or somehow are racist, bigoted, or some other such tripe.

Let’s get something perfectly straight — I have the constitutional right to take a stand for what I believe and actually have an obligation to speak up. As much as it hurts to see our flag and military trampled on by entitled, elitist multi-millionaires, I respect their right to do so but, by God, I will not allow the leftist Liberals to steal my right of free expression either. Donald Trump has the same right as well. To freely and openly express oneself is the freedom that is found in the Constitution and is not trampling on it, in fact, it is upholding it with the highest honor.

Dennis Atwater,