The putrid swamp

Dear Editor,

As we all too well recall, my president had/has several catchall phrases. One, in particular, has come back to haunt this Administration over and over again.

“Drain the Swamp!….. Drain the Swamp!……”

Seems we have one more ‘gator to add to the growing list, Wilbur Ross.

Along with Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price who resigned in disgrace last year after it was revealed that he bilked the taxpayers out of over $1 million for private charter jets and military air travel.

Along with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Pruitt received a sweetheart deal on rent for his luxury condominium in Washington. The condo is owned by the wife of a lobbyist whose clients had business with Pruitt’s EPA.

Also, he used taxpayer money to dole out big bonuses to his top aides and to pay for a 19-man security detail.

And now Wilbur Ross, President Trump’s commerce secretary, is under investigation for bilking business associates out of more than $120 million. An investigation — which included interviews with 21 people who have worked closely with Wilbur Ross in the past — alleges that the 80-year-old stole “a few million here and a few million there” throughout his career as an investment banker.

Just two weeks ago, Ross quietly settled a $4 million lawsuit brought by a former employee who alleged Ross stole his interests in a private equity fund and then tried to cover it up with bogus paperwork.

Innocents don’t settle lawsuit for $4 million.

Similar charges have been leveled against Trump’s economic sidekick in the past.

The SEC fined his firm $2.3 million in 2016.

Yet, in the Big Scheme of Things, it is just one more shady character, one more hoodwinker, one more scab in a long line of cuts, bruises, (lies) and scrapes that have followed my president.

Not one word did I print about That Other Thing. No, not that One. The Other One.


Scott R. Blume,