Separation at the border

Dear Editor,

I am a little confused as to what the issue is with children being separated from their “families” at the border when crossing into this country illegally. A couple of weeks ago I saw a group of people picketing outside the courthouse and it made me wonder. So, I have been thinking about this for a few weeks. I have come to the conclusion that laws and consequences are different for citizens and non-citizens. In some people’s opinion, it is wrong to separate children from their parents if they are coming into this country illegally with their parents because they are coming here to make their lives better. So, to these people that are in this mode of thought, this is for you.

If I were to take my kids with me to the bank and pass a note to the teller to give me all the money, it should be ok to do this right? It was non-violent, I had no weapon, I mean, I was only trying to make my life better and support my children. In this case, I should be set free with my kids in tow because I was just trying to better my situation. Wait…..I broke the law, I did something illegal. I robbed the bank. It doesn’t matter if I had my kids with me, they would be taken from me and placed somewhere away from me because I broke the law. Coming into this country undocumented, i.e. illegally, is a crime, whether or not you have kids with you or not.

Some may say, I am against immigration. I am for immigration, as long as it is LEGAL immigration. I am all for people coming to this country to make their lives better, but it needs to be done LEGALLY. I also believe if someone is coming to live in this country, they need to be able to be a valid contributor to society, not a criminal or a leach.

A couple final thoughts:

1. Is this an issue today because our current President is enforcing it? I don’t recall a big fuss in prior years when former Presidents raised the issue….

2. If America is not so great or was never great, why are so many families trying to cross into our country legally and illegally?

Jeremy M. Wyman,