Outdoor burning

Dear Editor,

No smoking or vaping in ALL areas of ALL city-owned parks, at ALL times and in ALL circumstances. “I just think it would be safe and best for everyone,” states council member Phil Gilbert.

Let us revisit, once again, the outdoor burning in the city of Warren.

Please take a minute to google the searches below, to see, indeed how harmful this burning is to EVERYONE; especially the young, elderly and those with existing health conditions; not to mention the pollution and harm to the environment it causes.

Google: Child asthma and ear infections from wood smoke.

Google: Wood smoke and damage to the environment.

Google: Health effects of wood smoke in children, elderly and people with lung and heart disease.

I do not understand why this dangerous exposure is not being addressed as the cigarettes and vaping are. Wood smoke is NOT good for health or the environment.

Putting things in perspective,

Cindy Brader,