Nuclear Security Project

Dear Editor,

Thursday, August 9th, is the 73rd anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.

The world has lived under a threat of nuclear annihilation ever since atomic bombs were detonated over Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Former United States Secretary of Defense William J. Perry is sounding an alarm. Secretary Perry has first-hand knowledge of the dangers of the nuclear arms race. Secretary Perry feels that people in the US and around the world do not understand the dangers they are facing from today’s nuclear weapons arsenals. Yet it is essential to educate the public about this existential danger. Nuclear-armed nations are increasing their nuclear arsenals rather than decreasing them. A grassroots effort will be necessary to end the madness. Some of these weapons are able to be launched on very short notice. History is full of examples of wars that were started because of poor communications.

Secretary Perry has formed the William J. Perry Project, under the sponsorship of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. He is joined in this project by former Senator Sam Nunn and Former Secretary of State George Shultz to state their vision of a nuclear weapon free world, and to establish steps to reduce nuclear dangers. You can learn more at The stakes are high, the need is great. Hopefully, people will have the courage to respond to this crises.


Neil Himber,