No borders, no country

Dear Editor,

Recently, a Time magazine cover showed immigrant children in a detention center. This was intended to be evidence of President Trump’s hard-heartedness. But the photo was taken in 2014; Obama was president.

Migrants can request asylum at specific stations on the border. Crossing elsewhere is illegal. When adults with children do this, there’ll be a temporary separation. Office of Homeland Security data indicates an average of 45 days with 85% returned to a parent or a responsible adult living in the U.S.

The separation is the fault of adults entering illegally; they know what they’re doing. Blame also goes to Mexico for permitting Central Americans passage. That’s disrespectful of our laws. Blame certainly goes to the chaotic conditions in certain Central American countries, it’s sad.

But, the blame doesn’t belong to “ICE” Border Patrol, A.G. Sessions, or President Trump. Laws are written by Congress, not the President. The President has a Constitutional duty to support the law.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, provides enlightening facts — five years ago, most illegal crossings were by young Mexican men. Only 10% were by families or “Pretend Families.” Today, that figure is 40%.

“Pretend Families?” Yes! From October 2017 through February, Homeland Security reported a 315% increase in illegal aliens fraudulently using children to pose as a family. Indications are they’re ‘coached’ by human trafficking rings.

‘ICE’ (immigration and customs enforcement) was formed after 9/11 to protect American citizens and legal immigrants, innocents in general. Without ‘ICE’, terror plots and alien crime would be out of control. We recall atrocities like Kate Steinle’s death, Courtney Hacking’s loss of husband and children, pedestrians killed by terrorist-driven vans.

What the left calls “xenophobia” is actually national self-defense. We need to know about those who wish to enter. And, if they are morally sound, Are there jobs for them? Are there sufficient municipal services and infrastructure?

Congresswoman Waters (D-CA) urges Trump’s critics to form groups to harass members of Trump’s administration in restaurants, concerts, etc. Hey, Maxine! Would you like a dose of your own medicine? 30 able-bodied conservatives shouting at you as you emerge from a restaurant? Grow up, Maxine!

Bravery is easy in a crowd of 50. It’s harder when the shouting demonstrator meets his opposite on a lonely street. If no borders, no country.

Terry D. Hallock,