Dear Editor,

In 2014, PA had 180,000 illegal immigrants living here. By 2016, that number of illegals finding Sanctuary in PA grew to 860,000. Imagine how many more undocumented lawbreakers have entered our state by breaking into our country in the last two years.

By the way, that is ILLEGAL. Just like breaking into or entering anyone’s home or business would be ILLEGAL.

Now, if you would like Maria or any of her friends to enter the USA, then have them enter the proper ports of entry and seek LEGAL citizenship as millions of LEGAL immigrants have done since our existence as a nation.

We are insanely a sanctuary state already, within which we are surrounded by sanctuary cities, and if not already a sanctuary city, we soon will be one.

Now, if you would like to protect undocumented immigrants by eliminating ICE, then by all means do so, however we should immediately eliminate all state, city, and local law enforcement in order to protect your immigrants and any others who might feel they have a right to enter your home or business as if it were theirs also like they say our country is.

Please, if you want open borders, publish your phone number and address so that those immigrants you so strongly desire to give free entry into our country — along with ANYONE who wants to tag along — will be able to walk right in and move in with you as your dependents, living off of YOU. Not the government Open borders, as the BIG LIE MACHINE wants, will bring 100 million to 150 million more ILLEGALS into our country in the next 10-20 years, making all of us the minority, thereby destroying our Constitutional Democratic Republic.

I hope (Indivisible Warren) members have an abundance of spare guestrooms for their new dependents. I gleefully await your response.




Jeffrey L. Carlson,