Dear Editor,

Roundabout? Traffic light? Let me ask this… has there been any major accidents with just the stop sign that’s there now? Hotel? Do we really do we need it? Are there tourists that have no place to stay? Parking garage in need of repair? Is it filled to capacity? Or can we just level it and use the space for a lot instead? The planned sky-high tax increase? The powers that be are all so ready to spend money we don’t have. I just think that maybe instead of spending more they figure out a way to help those that are in need in the community first! There are anywhere from one to five plus sheriff sales in the paper every day! We are literally throwing people out of homes because they can’t afford to live in them! How can you fathom spending more and more and more when people can’t afford to live here now? Just wondering…

Vickie Surdyk,