What have we become?

Dear Editor,

So, now the President of the United States admires, praises and cozies up to brutal world dictators, while insulting and alienating our allies, and relentlessly attacking any here at home who dare to criticize or question him.

We forcibly separate families fleeing horrific conditions who are hoping to find sanctuary here, imprisoning and deporting these parents and placing their children in what are the equivalent of internment camps, with no concrete plans to re-unite them. We implement bans upon and want to build walls to keep out certain types of people whom we are told we must fear, thus beginning the process of extinguishing the torch held by Lady Liberty which once welcomed those wanting to come here to become part of this “shining city on a hill.” This used to be the party of “family values,” “compassionate conservatism” and a welcoming attitude toward immigrants not so long ago, didn’t it?

We implement massive tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations which are now causing our deficit and national debt to explode, and then talk about cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other “social safety net” programs which benefit our neediest citizens and the vast majority of working-class Americans as the best way to now “balance” this budget and deal with this impending financial crisis caused by this administration’s own policies, which are clearly designed to make the wealthiest among us even richer at the expense of everyone else.

We look the other way while the nepotism and rampant corruption characterizing this administration slowly eat away at the foundations of our democracy, and while our President and his allies strive to undermine the core institutions forming the foundation of our democracy and the rule of law serving as its lifeblood in a transparent and shameless effort to expand and tighten their grip on power.

Improving our nation’s healthcare system? Infrastructure? Education? Responsibly addressing climate change issues? Draining the swamp? Upholding the rule of law? Championing democracy and human rights for all? Nope. But at least the rich are getting richer, and maybe some of that will eventually “trickle down” to everyone else.

What have we become? Or, more accurately, what are we becoming? Is this the kind of America we want to be? Do these choices and actions embody the American values set forth by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution and in this democracy entrusted to us, and which so many have sacrificed so much for over the past 240 years? These shameful efforts to re-shape America by forsaking the values which have made her an inspiration to the world and instead taking her backward are nothing less than a disgrace to our once great nation. This “shining city on the hill” is steadily going dark.

Our answer as a nation will become clear this November. Please do not neglect your sacred responsibility as a citizen to vote and make your voice heard. This may be the most critical election in our nation’s history, as it will determine the direction our nation will take for generations to come. The stakes could not be higher – the fate of our nation now rests with each and every one of us.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E. Buonocore,