Dear Editor,

This is a comment to the OUR OPINION: GOT MILK in the Warren Times Observer – July 21, 2018, regarding the Food and Drug Administration and labels titled “milk.”

Using my academic nutrition background and teaching experiences, consumers don?t read labels to know what they are eating, and in this case drinking. Food labels list the largest amount of ingredients first and continue in declining order.

Today extensive advertising is done for Coconut, Soy, Almond, and Cashew “milk.”

For the four products above, the first ingredient is filtered water. The next will be sugars and fat. Then listed vitamins and minerals of which all have fortified or enriched. The following facts are for an 8 ounce which is a 1 cup serving. All have about 45% calcium according to Recommended Dietary Guidelines including Dairy Milk. Did you know coconut milk has 19% (3.5 grams) of saturated fat (the bad fat!), Almond 4 %, and 1% Dairy Milk has 1 %? Sodium is the highest in Almond, Cashew — 150-160 milligrams respectfully. Real Milk only has 125 milligrams. Protein is an important nutrient for bones & muscles growth, etc. Dairy Milk and Soy have 8 grams of protein. Others have less than 1 gram. The Soy and Almond have 6-7 grams sugar, 1% Dairy Milk has 12 grams that’s less than 3 teaspoons. Soy and 1% Dairy Milk have 110 calories per 1 cup. Others have 1/2 or fewer calories.

Here is the real consumer spending test. A ¢ gallon of coconut costs $4.69, Soy is $3.99, Cashew $3.69, and ¢ gal of 1% Dairy Milk in PA is $1.73 – $1.89 pending store brand or a popular brand. Non-dairy products are expensive “milk!” or rather a water. Unless there is a dietary condition with Dairy Milk (of which there is already reduced lactose, etc. with dairy products), consider what is your best nutrition, taste, and buy — Dairy Milk. We need the Food and Drug Administration to clarify what we eat for better health in today?s highly processed (or today?s popular term) — ?fake? food.

Phyllis Wright,