Magical beans

Dear Editor,

The uninformed electorate believes in my President’s tariffs, hoping in error, that they will MAGA.

However, economic experts and a recent report prove what the informed American people know.

Tariffs will hurt American producers and consumers by either making goods more expensive or costing producers their largest markets.

To wit:

After the U.S. hiked tariffs on an initial batch of $34 billion of Chinese goods, China retaliated with matching tariffs on an equal amount of U.S. imports — including soybeans.

China is aiming to boost domestic production of soybeans by calling on its vast army of farmers to expand soybean acreage. Therefore, my President’s tariff will put money in the pockets of Chinese farmers while making it more difficult for American farmers to pay their bills.

China is also diversifying imports away from America by announcing ZERO tariffs on soybeans from India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries.

Let us review. Chinese farmers make more money. American farmers make less money. Foreign markets gain global market share. American farmers lose global market share. Art of the deal, my soybean.


Scott R. Blume,