Enough is enough

Dear Editor,

Enough of the Warren County School District ideology.

Administrators and Board Members complain of running into a negative budget but yet on the same page in the newspaper they are placing out bids for work on the district buildings? If you don’t have the fund you stop spending.

Warren County has one of the highest blight and poverty in the Commonwealth. Retirees are on a fixed income. The school tax increase is higher than the cost of living adjustments for most citizens.

I can speak from experience as a former Facility Mgr. from a Western Pa. District.

You can’t cut activities and think you are solving the budget shortfall.

No Administrator is worth a six-figure salary. This includes Principals, Assistant Principals, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and so on.

Count the buildings. How many assistants to we have? For example, Assistant Superintendent, Principles.

Now do the math. If we eliminated all the Assistant potions. We would save nearly One Million Dollars just in salaries. Not counting insurance and retirement cost.

It is simple. If any individual cannot do the job without help “assistant”. Then get rid of them. Hire a fresh out of college-educated individual that is willing to do the job under the six-figure salary. You may be pleasantly surprised the quality you receive.

Warren School District should take a good look at the Facility Mgr. and HR. positions as well. Do we need to realign the salaries? Other options are available that will save the district money.

I don’t care what the other districts are paying out in salaries. If you want a job? This is what Warren pays. Take it or leave it. Everyone is replaceable.

Freeze all spending. I would have no problem seeing the Commonwealth of Pa. come in and do a forensic audit.

We have all this overhead and the student population is on a decline for many reasons.

The school district continues to sell our buildings. The private sector purchases and restores the buildings for pennies on the dollar. Why in the first place are we allowed the school district to sell the buildings?

Another joke is moving of the Business Office to a newly renovated school. The students are to benefit not management. Management doesn’t need a fancy building to complete their work.

H.G. Senyo,