Thanking Firefighters

In times where there is so much negative going on, we felt compelled to write a letter filled with heartfelt gratitude to the men and women who so bravely fought the fire at the Warren Tire Center last week.

In the wee hours of the morning, these courageous, unyielding people fought not only to keep the fire contained, but in the process, saved the lives and homes of the neighbors who have lived along side the Warren Tire Center for so many years.

Standing there watching a relentless fire consume nearly every inch of the buildings and praying it didn’t reach the home of our parents, we were in awe of these fire warriors. The swift efficiency, the flawless coordination between county Fire Departments, the Hazmat Team, the Electric Company, the Police Department and a myriad of others whom we don’t even know, was astounding to say the least.

Realizing this is what they were all called to do, only magnifies the honor we feel to live in such a community where volunteers and professionals alike put their lives on the lines for people they may or may not know and their respective properties.

One of the firefighters, I believe he was a Lieutenant, and one of the employees/owners of Warren Tire came to me the next day and apologized for the damage to the front door. The fire department had to bust the door in to make sure our parents were ok. It seemed strange they apologized when it was such a valiant display of bravery. A door versus the lives of loved ones. We simply don’t have the words to express our gratitude. Saying THANK YOU seems so little yet we do THANK YOU.

We were later told it was the North Warren Fire Department that held the fire on the side of the property our parents lived. Because of you, we still have our home, pictures, belongings and a peace of mind knowing you stood your ground, persevered ….May God bless you all.

I am sorry to say, I am not sure which fire department had the Marion Street house behind Warren Tire but know that every last one of you, every fire station present there last week, are in our prayers daily. Mere words can’t express what it means to all of us that you held the line.

Bonnie and Kevin Webster