Dear Editor,

Summer is just starting, and already we are smashing heat records.

In May 2018, every state in the U.S. experienced above-average temperatures, and eight set records.

Last year was the third hottest year on record, with many parts of the country experiencing oppressively hot days. And 2018 is likely to bring more of the same.

The frequency and severity of summer heat across the United States is being fueled by climate change.

This summer, I urge our trusted news sources like you to provide information about the relationship between extreme heat and climate change when reporting on heat waves and record-breaking heat.

Connecting the dots for readers between the extreme heat and our warming climate provides readers with important facts and context about what we are experiencing, and why we so urgently need to act to address it.

Moreover, the magnitude of the climate crisis, coupled with the availability of solutions, merits constant, high-quality media coverage to educate the public and spur robust discussion.

This summer, please cover climate.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mr. Joseph Font,