Property taxes

Dear Editor,

I want to comment on the proposal to increase property taxes. This is one thing that should not be permitted. Property owners are taxed to death now and cannot take any more. The school district and the city should eliminate the words “tax increase” from their vocabulary from now on.

Other sources of income must be found. There is a regulation that states that tax income can only come from property taxes. I don’t know who proposed that one but they need to have their head examined. Someone was sure against the property owner. Tax revenues should be able to come from whatever sources that can be found. We need to get Kathy Rapp’s office to propose emergency legislation to veto this rule.

What good is it to see people selling their homes because of these taxes? It does not benefit society at all. I know many people that have done this and know more that are being forced out because of these taxes.

Let’s remember that the state recently passed a budget that allows a lot more money to come to the school districts so they should not be so quick to increase taxes until they see what they are going to get from this budget.

Income ideas? Here are a few:

Giving away Allegheny Valley was a bad idea. It might have been a charitable thing to do but it certainly was not a financially responsible thing to do. That building should have been sold and not given away and maybe no increase would be necessary.

If Warren Gives can raise over $400,000 in contributions, why not have a campaign to raise money for the schools. Think how much this amount would help the budget.

Tenants do not contribute anything toward the schools or community services and they use these services as much as anyone else. I feel that tenants should have to pay $500 a year in taxes. They might tell you that their landlord pays the taxes. My answer to that is “sure they do but you don’t”.

I hope a big crowd shows up at the next meeting this week to protest any tax increase. If we got some of my ideas going, we would not be faced with this. Is Joe Colosimo the only friend we have on the board (he opposed it at the last meeting). We need more friends like him.

Let’s get these tax reform ideas going in order to take the burden off the property owner. After all, fair is fair. The property owner has been punished enough. Property taxes destroy the value of a real estate investment. The abuse of the property owner needs to stop. Did you notice that the legislation to eliminate some of these taxes has been stalled?

Barry Keller,