Like it or not

Let me start by saying “I’m Old School”, that is, I started my sophomore class at the Warren High School located at the corner of Market St. & Second Avenue. When the Christmas holidays were over, we moved into the new high school on the top of the hill and still its present location. We were a small class of approximately 325 students. When we were seniors, the junior class numbered near 350 and the sophomore class neared 520. The classes that followed were the class of ’66 (411), ’67 (455) and ’68 (464) Our classroom size for each subject was 5 rows of 7 or 35 ( That’s old math by the way). I can speak only for myself, but I received as good an education as I wanted. We all started our education in elementary schools that by my count were 11, now no longer existing or are being used for other means besides educating.

This past Saturday I had a chance to reflect back on those days as I looked at all the smiles displayed in the Times Observer for this year’s graduating classes from the 4 major high schools in Warren County along with Tidioute Charter and Warren Forest Hi-Ed center. The total grads from all the schools came to 389 (my count). So what’s this all have to do with “consolidation,” both with schools and athletic programs? Look at the numbers and it should be obvious… School enrollment is down, continues to decline and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

To answer the question as to “Why is athletic participation down”, the kids are not there.

There has been some consolidation throughout the county, but there needs to be much more… “Like It or Not.” These are changing times that we never expected nor wanted. The WCSD has a job to do for “ALL” county residents and it’s time they start doing it without all the outside pressure they’ve been getting. Everyone cannot be satisfied, so satisfy some of us.

Thank you,

Richard Lowe (Class of ’63),