In the WTO May 4th edition, it was reported the upcoming schedule for Penndot road repairs. ( Pg 1, Pg 7) This is all well and good and I will not comment on projects I don’t know.

But, the project on Pleasant Dr. that “might” get done this year, I will comment on.

Last year, after the new drainage pipes were installed, I commented to Penndot about the lack of professionalism on that job. Only a few road crossings were smooth. And, the big dip near the bottom was never touched. That particular dip has been there for over 7 years and complained about. Now they’re going to “resurface” the road from Grunderville Rd. to someplace in Watson Twp. “Resurface,” does that mean tar and chip? If this is the case, then the dips and rough road will still be there. Anyone traveling along that section of Pleasant Dr. knows what I’m talking about, and so does Penndot. The problem is, they just don’t care. The ditching and drainage pipes were a good idea. Now we are going to have a solid road with dips and cave-ins bad enough to lose hubcaps and break springs.

Does this sound like a case of — making a silk purse out of a pig’s ear?

Keith Klos,