Dear Editor,

Talent is distributed evenly but opportunities are not. If an American inherited wealth, was Caucasian, was the product of generations of stable family life, and was male, he would — in the game of life — be born on base or perhaps have runs already on the scoreboard.

Can you imagine a black President Donald J. Trump? A Donna J. Trump President? A non-wealthy Donald J. Trump President?

Yet, Trump touts his success to his self motivation, shrewdness, and determination. Americans tend to favor “the Self Made Person Theory” for success – it is easy to say and it is true. One does not move forward without individual incentive and effort, making due with what he has.

Yet to automatically associate professional or personal merit with those of higher stations and power is wrong, as clearly and regularly demonstrated by our current President. Tis a pity, our political system does not attract more of our capable and virtuous to seek public office.

Don Scott,