Thank you, Warren County

Dear Editor,

The United Fund has successfully completed its 93rd annual campaign. I want to thank the people of Warren County for their amazing support.

For the past five years, it has been my great honor to serve as the Director of the United Fund. In that time, the campaigns have raised over $3.3 million to support human services throughout the County.

Such success is a testament to the generosity of the people who live here and the businesses and industries which are located here. Each year, companies donate generously because they understand that the health of the community is vital to them. Similarly, thousands of people contribute by sending a check or through payroll deductions. Because not every company shares its list of people who are contributing through payroll deduction, it is impossible for me to even know the names of all who help.

Therefore, I can only say “thank you” in this very open forum. Your support affirms the basic goodness of people here, people who are willing to step forward to make sure that their families, their neighbors…even those people whom they do not know…have the services they need.

The success of the campaign is also a testament to the fine organizations associated with the United Fund. These twenty agencies provide such a wide range of services that they create a safety net throughout the County. The quality of those services move people to support the Fund.

This is my last campaign before retirement. It has been a privilege to serve the United Fund, its excellent Board and the people of Warren County.

Jim Goodling,

Executive Director,

United Fund of Warren County