Readers Speak

Regional college is a ‘win’

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the “Letter to the Editor” on February 23rd entitled “Rural Regional College” that included several factual errors as well as expand on some points that are important for the community to be aware of.

First, I am very grateful for the work done by Jim Decker, WCCBI president, several board members of the WCCBI, my fellow Commissioner Ben Kafferlin, the Community Foundation leadership, and others that have worked tirelessly to both secure the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) headquarters in Warren County and to keep it here. This is a HUGE “win” for Warren County and the region, for which we all should be proud.

Second, the College represents the first major post-secondary education investment by the State in Warren County in over 40 years. The NPRC is an amazing asset which will provide needed (affordable) technical education to a variety of constituencies within our region. They work to augment the assets we already have in the community (Hi-Ed, Career Center, and other locations) to provide hands-on technical education and tailor the curriculum to the needs of local businesses. The college also boasts a $1 million payroll which will bring good paying jobs to the community (with more as the college grows).

Third, the building renovations are going to cost roughly $1.4 million for a complete overhaul of the former Warren National Bank building. Only about $470,000 will actually be used on the 5th floor, home of the NPRC. The financing involves $640,000 from the State, $500,000 from the Dart Foundation in Michigan, $200,000 from the Community Foundation, and $100,000 in County funds.

In other words, with a $100,000 investment of local government dollars, we are pulling down massive state and foundation investments to fully renovate one of the hallmark commercial properties in the community, which will otherwise fall into severe disrepair. New electrical systems, new HVAC systems, new plumbing, code and ADA compliance initiatives, and an occupied property.

This project represents a huge educational, economic, and redevelopment opportunity all in one, and the best part is it’s bringing your tax dollars back to Warren. This is something everyone should be proud of and excited to see completed as it represents a massive shift in investment from the State, and a unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge of 21st-century education.

The future of education (literally) is in Warren County.

Jeff Eggleston,

Warren County Commissioner,


Giving money away

Dear Editor,

So obviously a couple of our commissioners love throwing money around! Well, heck, if they’re going to be giving money away ($100,000) and loaning way more with no interest to people that have offices for places that don’t exist I bet I could I could wrangle up a whole lot of people that would be interested! Is there a college in this city? Where? And why do the administrators need an entire office building that they have to remodel when there are tons of places that are vacant and could be used without remodeling? Just one more way to throw money around the people of this town don’t have!

Vickie Surdyk,


Weapons regulations

Dear Editor,

To all the spineless politicians who have refused to take action on weapons regulations to reduce deaths in the United States: Per the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, there were 41,731,233 youth ages 10-19 in the United States, 13% of the total U.S. population, in 2015. The NRA claims to have 5 million members. That’s 41 million new voters that identify with being slaughtered for years, with no action from you. Guess who will be deciding your political fate? Hint: it won’t be the NRA.

Sam Bailey,



Dear Editor,

As a person who has actually seen people shot (assuming most of you have not), it is impossible for me to comprehend the lack of empathy most of these NRA members lack for these children. Why are these specific weapons (toys) so important to you? What can they do that a bolt, lever, or pump action weapon can’t do, other than lay down a field of rapid fire?

Just for a moment, I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine your son, daughter, or grandchild lying on the school floor oozing blood and crying for mommy, or with their brain matter all over the area. Even if your child wasn’t shot, there would be lifelong effects from witnessing the shootings. When is enough, enough?

Armed teachers may be an option, but you know damn well a handgun is no match for an AR-15. I fear the future headlines will be “Gunman shoots armed teacher, using his gun to shoot more students!,” or “Teacher shoots wrong student!”, or just, “Teacher forgets to secure his weapon.”

Allan Gustafson,


P.S. Tubular magazines would also decrease the carnage!