Young people take action

Dear Editor,

To every young person that this reaches:

I hope you follow the lead of the outraged young people in Florida. Politicians and other adults have done nothing to reduce the chances of you and your generation from being slaughtered by gun attacks. Slaughter after slaughter, they give lip service with “thoughts and prayers,” but never take any action.

These spineless people don’t value your life above easy access to guns and first-class mental health services. We adults that do care haven’t been able to turn the tide. Politicians, at both federal and state levels, have let you down. Responsible gun owners, many of whom probably do care, have let you down by not taking action. The health insurance industry has let you down.

I urge you to demonstrate. I urge every one of you of voting age to register and vote out these legislators that have not taken one step to help reduce gun violence. For you that are younger, get the word out to your friends that can vote. Take off the filters and let it be known that you demand action. Adults are playing with your lives. Don’t let them.

Young people have historically righted the wrongs of previous generations. Young people were instrumental in attaining the civil rights laws in the 1960s. Young people are demanding equal rights for their friends. You have more power than you realize. Please exercise it, and please share this with every young person that you can.

A disgusted adult,

Sam Bailey,