Dear Editor,

I found myself reading with dismay, the story of Monday night’s Warren high school wrestling match.

For those of us who enjoyed our Senior year in high school, graduation was a bitter-sweet event. For high school athletes, I can only imagine the emotion of realizing the years and years of your greatest passion of childhood are over. These amazing high school athletes: the working out, the nutritional awareness, the away events, keeping up with your schoolwork, the practices that you have attended, transportation arrangements, the unimaginable overall work and exhaustion it takes to become the best you can be at your sport.

To kiss the mat after your final home match, winning it no less, is considered harmful and disrespectful to your opponent? Unsportsmanlike?

As Mr. Hagberg wrote this morning, “Really?” If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Mr. Hagberg’s picture of young Mr. Stevenson kissing the mat in love and tribute to his sport, expresses louder and more clearly than anything I, or that ridiculous official, could possibly say.

While, like Mr. Hagberg, I generally support sports officials, in what must be a most difficult job, this time I absolutely do not. Take it like an adult, and in this case, admit it: You got this one wrong.

Alene Wolf,