Russian probe now Obamagate coverup

Dear Editor,

Mueller emphatically announces No American Involved in Russian attempts to disrupt our elections !! He now announces indictments of multiple Russians. Fact check that please. While I’m on the subject please check these facts:

1. HRC & DNC paying 10 million or more for fake Russian Dossier.

2. Selling or giving 20% of our Uranium to Russia under Obama.

3. Clinton Foundation mysteriously receiving 100 million or more after sale or during.

4. William ( racist Jefferson ) Clinton speaking IN RUSSIA for millions.

5. Obama weaponized all of our Intell agencies , while expanding their ability to share , save , collect , & LEAK anything that may falsely damage POTUS or help HRC. LIES

6. Under WJC ( sexual predator extraordinaire) N. Korea was given their path to nuclear weapons.

7.Under Barack Insane Obama, Iran was given their path to nukes also.

8. Let’s ban gun sales , all abortions , all immigration , and sanctuary cities for 5 years. Study results.

9. All taxpayers should demand total full disclosure of all members of both houses of Congress who are a part of 260 members accused of transgressions & paid off their accusers with tax dollars or their money. We deserve full transparency. Drain Swamp.

10. Ages 25 and under make up 33% of our population and since the 1970s we have been arresting 40% of this sub group of our population for victimless nonviolent crimes. These should be misdemeanors not felonies. We have been criminalizing our own youth.

11. No amnesty for illegal immigrants before we have amnesty for our youth.

12. The Unprofessional Diagnosis of POTUS by Dr. Dale actually fits HRC to a tee !! Thks

I look forward to Dr .Rootie Kozootie and Mr. ” liar pants on fire “ necessary responses. Plus Mr. B.

From deep within Your tangled web of collusion, conspiracy, and the obstruction of our USA.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,