Real facts about Nunes Memo

The 2/7 editorial falsely claims the FBI and DOJ lied to the FISA courts to get a surveillance warrant for Carter Page, a known Russian operative. It also falsely claims that the FBI and DOJ concealed from the court where the Christopher Steele dossier originated. Republican representative Trey Gowdy, who has read the entire FISA warrant application, stated that the court was told about the origin of the dossier in a lengthy footnote, so there was no concealment.

I have read the 17 hours of congressional testimony of Glenn Simpson, of Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele; the dossier; the Nunes/white house memo; and other related documents, all available on the Internet. It is apparent that the editorial writer did not do his/her homework and just parroted Devin Nunes, who was caught in March 2017 with white house created fake documents claiming Obama was spying on Trump. This new Nunes/white house memo is more of the same garbage.

Russian spies were caught on tape in 2013 by the FBI talking about documents given to them by Carter Page! Page later became an advisor to president Trump and there is a picture of him attending a meeting with president Trump. He was far from just a volunteer. To get a FISA warrant to surveil an American requires more than one document like the dossier and when the warrant is renewed every 90 days, the court has to be shown that the FBI is getting valuable information. Page’s warrant was renewed four times!! Parts of the dossier have been verified as true and nothing has been proven to be false. More than likely, the dossier was corroborating evidence to what the FBI already had as part of the warrant application. When you read the 17 hours of Simpson’s testimony you will see why Steele and Simpson were concerned with Trump becoming president and what the special prosecutor already knows about Trump’s dealings with the Russians. Every American should read the interviews.

Tom Taydus,

High Point, NC