Not for a lack of trying

Dear Editor,

So it is true. Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Natalia Veselnetskya in Trump Tower WAS about Russian adoptions.

Seems the US put sanctions on Russia after some funny business in Russia involving a US-based investment firm, Hermitage Capital, owned by US citizen William Browder.

Mr. Browder was involved in the transfer of Russia’s state-owned oil businesses to private holdings. Buying the motherland’s assets for peanuts. Seems a Yankee got in on the action that created a good portion of Russian oligarchs — one being Russian President Vladimir Putin. Someone figured it out and was not happy. Mr. Browder was tossed out of Russsia – luckily, his head still attached.

Some Russian officials tried to steal some money by neatly sliding a Heritage tax payment into their pockets. Stealing from Russia but putting the blame on Mr. Browder since he was primed as a scapegoat as being a crooked infidel.

No one counted on Sergei Magnitsky, Mr. Browder’s Russian lawyer, being so concientious, thorough, and loyal to Mother Russia. Lo and behold if he didn’t put the whole thing out for all to see. Sergei thought he might get a little reward. A thanks for his concern for Russia and her citizens. Watching out for corruption.

Instead he got arrested.

“Not to worry,” he assured his family. He had proof. He would be out in days. But he wasn’t. It became weeks. Then months. Then he got sick. All he had to do was say he was lying, Mr. Browder was a crook, and he would be set free. He wouldn’t say it.

So with President Putin’s blessing he was taken away and beaten to death with rubber batons.

Mr. Browder fought in Sergei’s memory and honor. The Magnitsky Act was passed. US sanctions against Russia for violating Mr. Magnitsky’s rights. OK, his life. And Putin got mad. In retaliation he took the unique step of sanctioning the US by forbidding adoptions of Russian children to the US. An interesting response.

So Ms. Veselnetskya met with Mr. Kushner and Mr. Trump, Jr. to get the adoption program back open, assuming newly elected President Trump would do a favor for his respected pal President Putin and repeal the Magnitsky Act. See? All makes sense. Adoptions.

And Mr. Kushner and Mr. Trump, Jr. were also correct that the meeting was short. They had no concern on adoptions. No interest in the Magnitsky Act.

They wanted dirt on Hillary. From the Russians. Russia offered no dirt. End of meeting. Short. Sweet. No collusion. Wasn’t for lack of trying.

James Spangler,