Give up my rights?

Dear Editor,

Writer Betty Fitzgerald suggests I relinquish my Second Amendment rights for love. In interpersonal relationships, she could not be more right that “love requires sacrifice.” Unfortunately, in the world beyond those relationships, there are some very bad people out there that do not understand sacrifice. Those bad people are the ones killing our children. Those people don’t give a damn about anyone including our children. I would suggest that real teeth are put into our myriad gun laws to remove those people from society. The laws exist, now.

Further, Ms. Fitzgerald asks me to give up my constitutional rights for just a little while as we seek a solution to murderers. What other constitutional rights should be given up while we seek a solution: freedom of speech, religion, the right to assembly? How about freedom from search and seizure? Should anyone really give up their rights? They would be foolish if they did.

In 1994, did we give up our rights when the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was enacted? No, they were taken away by anti-gun, progressive-left legislation led by Diane Feinstein. For 10 years, until the law sunset, it was illegal to buy what is cosmetically defined as an assault weapon. Did that reduce crime? Statistics say no. Long guns are used in less than 3% of crimes. In the 14 years since the ban sunset, the ban has failed reenactment time after time.

I’m supposing Ms. Fitzgerald is unaware that the ten-year loss of rights in the past did not fix the problem.

The real problem lies in criminals and mentally ill persons.

We can do better. We can reduce crime.

We can help the mentally ill. But, unfortunately, the best of humans can never eliminate nor predict tragedies.

Daniel Reiff,