America first

Dear Editor,

Numerous companies have given bonuses and/or raises to employees, as a reaction to President Trump’s tax reform. Some are Apple, AT&T, Home Depot and WalMart.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sneeringly dismissed $1,000 bonuses as “crumbs.” She’s expressed fear that tax reform will increase the deficit.

I’d ask her:

1. Are you forgetting the smaller or non-existent “crumbs” before Trump’s Presidency?

2. Where was your concern about the deficit as it exploded during the Obama years?

A booming economy can control deficits. Employment and earning rise more income tax is paid. Fewer need government and billions will be invested in America by Exxon, Apple, and others.

Numerous articles say a majority of Americans lack $1000 emergency cash. I’m sure those folks don’t see a grand as crumbs.

According to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, Pelosi’s 2014 net worth was nearly $102 million. Her lack of empathy is obvious.

Meanwhile, we’ve had two quarters of 3% growth in the G.D.P. Unemployment is down, notably in two demographic groups considered democrat strongholds. ISIS had been decisively beaten back, in good part due to stronger rules of engagement. Energy independence increases. Ambassador Nikki Haley stands firm for us in the U.N. The administration stands up for veterans, law enforcement and Israel.

The above are results of having a President who puts America and Americans first.

The Border Control and immigration goals are worthy and protect Americans. A shame that individuals like Governor Jerry Brown of California seem determined to undermine those goals by shielding illegal immigrants (including violent ones).

It’s true that President Trump has lapses in decorum. Those moments of bluster are far less grievous than the record of his predecessor or the dubious character of his 2016 opponent.


Terry D. Hallock,