Absolutely enough

Dear Editor,

Every loss of innocent life is a tragedy but presenting false statistics to persuade the populace to one’s views is wrong. Mr. Buonocore parrots Every Town for Gun Safety’s figure of 18 school shootings in the last 45 days. Those statistics are so twisted that even the liberal Washington Post questioned them with the headline by John Woodrow Cox and Steven Rich on February 15, “No, there haven’t been 18 school shootings in 2018. That number is flat wrong.”

Everytown counts suicides, negligent discharges where no one is hurt, and shootings that occur outside of school buildings after school hours. In one case, a suicide outside a school building that had been closed 7 months earlier was counted. False statistics by the anti-gun organizations are rampant.

The AR-15 is not a military grade weapon. It is simply an autoloading rifle that fires once each time the trigger is pulled, if there is ammunition in the magazine. Auto loaders or semiautomatic guns were invented in 1885. Beginning around 1905, nearly every firearm manufacturer made semiauto firearms. In manufacture for over 100 years, there are millions of semiautos around. Today, the AR-15 configuration is the most popular style, but it is the same simple autoloader in function.

“Assault weapon” is a term manufactured by the anti-gun movement to make guns appear scarier. The differences that supposedly make an assault weapon more dangerous are all cosmetic. They function the same as any other semi-auto. Those differences are a pistol grip, flash suppressor, and bayonet lug none of them lethal.

Military grade weapons (fully automatic) were outlawed for ownership by the public during the prohibition era when they were used by gangsters, Al Capone etc.

Every firearm is inanimate. They cannot think, move, load or fire themselves. Even if one were loaded and laying around, it would never kill anyone. For any firearm to kill someone, it must be fired by a person, either on purpose or accidentally. Consequently, banning any firearm for killing someone is absurd.

The human is the factor every time someone is killed by a gun, be they a criminal, mentally unstable, or ignorant about guns.

Guns are used every day in the US to protect persons. Some are used by the police and some by individuals. They are innocent people protecting themselves, their loved ones, or the public in the case of police.

The killing of any innocent person is a shame. But, don’t be lead astray by those that would want you to believe the gun is the problem. Guns save more people than they hurt in the US.

Daniel Reiff,