Educational reform

This new “educational reform” (if you can even call it that) that the school board has approved scares me so much for my future children. How can you take library away from 5th graders? What if that child comes from a lower class family who can’t afford to buy books for their kids? At least with library, they can check out books and have a chance to take books home that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. What about the 16 year old who comes from a single parent home that receives food stamps and only can afford TV dinners? How are they going to learn the basics of cooking without Home Ec? Sewing is going to become obsolete. The kids I work with every day, the kids in the system…they will suffer from this immensely because they don’t have the same social capital and access to a stable home environment that encourages things like music and art, which is why it is so needed in our schools. They will not learn how to sew. They will not learn cooking basics. We are setting them up for failure by taking these things away. How are kids supposed to learn how to express themselves and be creative? By taking art away in elementary school, we are teaching them being creative isn’t necessary, and expressing yourself comes second to learning technology.

How in the world is pushing more and more computer classes and technology on these kids helpful? How do they not see how detrimental this will be for my generations’ kiddos? Here’s to hoping we are good parents that promote creativity and expression through art and music that they won’t be providing our kids in school. What a shame, Warren County School District. This does not make me want to stay in Warren County, or start a family in the place I’ve called home for 23 years, for fear of sending them to these schools. I want better for my kids. I want art and music for my kids.

Michelle Cantrell,