Dear Editor,

We teach the children. An extention includes adults who behave like children. Case in point: Dogmatic democrats who are an insult to children… and donkeys. These types ignorantly demand governments to regulate (tax) in general. Result: The individual stifled — freedom lost. “In your kind of world there is no such thing as independence,” four horsemen of the apocalypse.

But is it ignorance — dumb or deliberate? Deliberations conveniently of ignorance to ignore history in objective to achieve unsustaining lies of unbridled power – socialism out to destroy capitalism. Evidentiary material in failure prolifigates the sands of time: Church/state-corrupt catholic popes, Iran mullahs; Fascism — Hitler, Mussolini, imperial Japan, North Korea; Communism – Stalin, Mao.

Writing to US Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, 15 September 15 “Cut taxes even deeper. Don’t give an inch. You will achieve 5 to 6 percent growth, eliminating deficits.” Response, “Thank you. With Americans like you we will make America Great Again.” Empirical evidence: 100 years gold-back dollar; Democrat, John F. Kennedy, 1964; Republican, Ronald Reagan, 1986.

It is quite simple. Corporations do not pay taxes, they employ people (if they don’t lose money), doing so under the yoke of risky margin. Yet taxes are a necessity — in balance — goldie locks. Best illustrated in the doctor Arthur B. Laffer curve (graph), employed via Kemp/Roth under Reagan, promoted via the undersigned, 1979, Dines/Roth/Kemp, Washington D.C.

Said curve is straightforward. Envision a horseshoe inverted, x-y axis, apex atop — inflection point. Seen in civil engineering soil mechanics — optimum moisture content. Soil too dry, too wet — unstable. Thus water (taxes) needed (up the ordinate) to compact (solidify). At optimum (“Not too hot-dry, not too cold-wet”), beyond optimum (into the abscissa) — ‘quick’ conditions in self-defeat, eg. eight years of Obama. The DNC now emulates Pinocchio, not the Donkey.

So, to diet or not to diet?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson,


P.S. Litmus test: Ask a Democrat if he is a Capitalist.