Tax bill/Thompson

Dear Editor,

Here are my issues on the tax bill that Representative Glenn Thompson has voted on.

Issue #1 -Representative Thompson has, in the past, been HUGE proponent of limiting increases in the Federal Deficit. Yet the bills that have been passed and waiting on reconciliation are going to increase the deficit by over $1 trillion dollars. That is $1,000,000,000,000. That is more than $3,000 for each man, woman and child currently in the US. Bringing it down to a more local level in Warren that is an additional debt of $28,600,000 for the current residents of Warren. Let me stress that again. If you take the residents of Warren, PA and look at the ADDITIONAL debt you are talking about it comes to $28,600,000 (twenty eight million six hundred thousand dollars). That does not count North Warren or Starbrick, only Warren. Their stance is it will be offset by increases in growth and new jobs. History contradicts those assertions. Numerous attempts at similar legislation at both the state and federal level have shown that you cannot maintain the deficit with these types of tax cuts. The information on the additional deficit comes from the independent Congressional Budget Office. Republicans want to say they are wrong but they have used reports from that office as being accurate but now it does not show what they want it to show.

Issue #2 – While on the subject of growth and new jobs where are the employees that will be hired going to come from? Current Federal and Warren Unemployment rate is 4.7%. It appears that most economists put full employment at 4% – 5%. So, according to most economists, we are at full employment. Where are these employees going to come from? With the current Federal Unemployment rate at full employment there are not enough employees to prevent the huge increase in the deficit.

Please call Representative Thompson’s office (or your representative if it is not Thompson) and voice your displeasure and request he vote against the tax bill unless they can balance the bill. Phone number Bellefonte office (814) 353-0218, Titusville office (814) 827-3985 or his Washington office at (202) 225-5121.


Jerry Zelt,

St. Marys