Opt out of a Potential Revenue Source?


I wonder how many people from this county travel north to Salamanca, or west to Erie, or south to Pittsburgh, or anywhere else there is a casino? How about keeping that money spent here? Not only that, I thought there was an effort to bring more people to our little corner of the woods? Not only for tourism but to attract more people to the area to live… I really feel some people are missing the boat on this one. I understand there is an option to rescind the “opt-out”, but by opting out it sends a message to potential suitors that they are not wanted here. Now I am sure some folks in the area object to gambling, but I am sure these same people also object to higher property taxes, etc.

“Slot machines will be taxed at an effective rate of 54 percent, with four percent allocated and split between the local county and municipality. Table games will be taxed at 14 percent.”

4% might not be much, but it is +4% the county/municipality doesn’t have right now. Plus there would be other fees the county and municipality would collect on top of this.

Local business owners should be all over this “opt-out”. What better way to get people to come here and visit your shops than having a casino? Anytime I have driven past or visited a casino, all I see are buses and many cars in the lots! I am sure these buses and cars aren’t just parked there for storage purposes. Buses transport people, people buy things… You do the math.

You know what I do see when I drive through Warren? Empty parking spots at the local hotels….I think these hotels would have an interest in a nearby satellite casino. I am pretty sure there is a bed-tax in place at these hotels, at least I know there are at other hotels across the state.

The other people who should be upset about this are people concerned with unemployment in the area. Guess what! City Council just opted out of a business coming in and providing some employment opportunities! 300 to 750 slot machines and up to 30 table games, not to mention custodial services, wait-staff, parking attendants, etc. I’m sure there would probably be some type of restaurant within or attached to the casino also. Sounds to me there would be few jobs opportunities! Maybe one of the out-lying municipalities will look into this.

Jeremy M. Wyman,

North Warren