In response

Dear Editor,

Regarding the Times Observer editorial of 12-12-17:

To quote the editor, “The belief among some men and women that political office or great success in the private sector is a license to push people around, sometimes harming them severely — and get away with it,” to me, not only refers to the sexual predators in government, but also the blockade of anything “Obama” or Democratic (compromise be damned) since the Great Recession of 2008, the lack of empathy for children (CHIP), the breaking of promises to Dreamers (DACA), reducing access to healthcare, weakening Medicare and Medicaid!

And regarding the Times Observer editorial 12-13-17:

“Reprehensible” not only can be directed at those persons using their power and position to bully and sexually harass others in government but it is a term apropos for nine years of political do-nothingness with no concern for the needs of the citizens of our fine country! With the abuse of Citizens United lacking transparency and obscene amounts of money pumped into negative campaigning — we are in dark days. Running for office these days doesn’t allow the common, compassionate, service-oriented person to consider a campaign due to the huge amount of money needed. An administration which bullies and provokes other nations, benefits only the already wealthy and doesn’t stay on message or keep promises is on par with other abuse.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Davis,