Give and take

Dear Editor,

I was reading the December 6th article on Murray energy corp. and am wondering how the issue of 60 million dollars in taxes will devastate his company, and coal as a whole, considering they are already paying the tax and are flourishing financially.

The new rules regarding coal plants to stay open and produce more jobs has improved their bottom line and helped the industry.

It appears that Murray’s whining is only because he and other people at the highest earning levels are trying to avoid paying any corporate tax at all.

Why change the tax laws dramatically when the economy has reached highs never seen before and the corporate rate is 39% now?

Bob Murray is just another one of the people who believes his billions are just not enough.

Sounds like the KOCH bothers coal interest. They don’t have enough money either.

I’m not going to say I don’t agree with some of the article’s points; I just think the economy is doing OK. Other than needing a win on the promises of the politicians.

Why not address other issues like providing healthcare to everyone and take a bite out of high medication costs.

Answer this instead, “Why did the government reps ever make laws to not negotiate drug prices?” Political favors? I noticed Senator Graham said no tax reform, no donors writing checks!


Dan Tassone,