Alabama election

Dear Editor,

It’s a fools errand to trust the men in Alabama to do their civic duty, and betray Roy Moore, by rejecting him at the ballot box this coming election. Most men of integrity would have disqualified him even before the latest sexual accusations, that he pursued romantic relationships with several women when they were teenagers, including, but not limited to, women who allege they were touched inappropriately.

While many members of the G.O.P. Establishment have “run for the hills” to disavow this twice-removed judge from the Alabama Supreme Court for failing to uphold the United States Constitution, there still remains pockets of Trump voters who remain adamant about this “slime,” visa-a-vie the lifeline Trump has thrown him.

Of course, the “wiser” of the sexes are appalled by this man of little knowledge, import and talent, and are ready to send him packing, however. Christian support visa-a-vie the Evangelicals doesn’t seem to be waning, paradoxically, support for Moore looks like hypocrisy to the outside world, clothed in the tentacles of the moral high ground, which in and of itself is a leap that even the famous Jesse Owens couldn’t make. Many women have deemed Moore an imposter, not a Christian, and don’t want to be counted in the camp of such a divisive person.

Ironic indeed that women seem to be continuously taking the moral high ground, while they seem to have a much clearer grasp on reality, and even more ironic, are white male Alabamians, cheering on the thing they used to hate most: Black men. Apparently, nothing is more important than Alabama football, which is in stark reality to the Jim Crow laws of the sixties. My guess is the women of Alabama will carry the day, as they will vote for the person who opens the most doors, not builds the most walls. Thank you ladies.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael R. Olson,