‘Active shooter’

Dear Editor,

Recently, Chief Deppen presented an “active shooter” information session at Emmanuel United Church of Christ. Members of several churches attended. He cautioned against assuming “it can’t happen to me.” He also pointed out that an average police response time is five to six minutes. Much mayhem can be committed in that time.

Churches, understandably, are considered “soft targets.” Tragic incidents in America and abroad bear this out. Offenders may be criminally deranged or terrorists.

Guns in church, for self defense, is controversial. Internet information is both interesting and chilling. A least two major denominations advocate posting signs prohibiting guns on church property. On one format, there is room to list a supporting ordinance.

Villains don’t obey signs. To a murderous attacker, he has five to six minutes to commit his atrocity. To the villain, the sign says “soft target guaranteed.” The peaceful pistol owner who breaks the rule may be the savior.

If this is printed, Christmas will likely be over. Easter is several months away. It’s well to acknowledge that Christian and Jewish holidays are sometimes “triggers” for terrorist attacks with guns, bombs, or vehicles.

Akayed Ullah, the recent ISIS-inspired bomber, chose the Times Square area because he hated the Christmas themed advertising. Advocates of secure borders are accused of bigotry by the far left. It’s more rational to recognize the bigotry against Christians and Jews by terrorists.

And Ullah came in via “chain immigration” and the “diversity visa program.”

‘Props to the law-abiding good guy with a gun. The letter was simple, direct, and wise. Happy 2018.

Terry D. Hallock,