A big win

… for some.

Just not you.

You people, you middle class.

A provision was defeated, brought by two Republicans, to cover more low-income child tax credit recipients.

It seems this would have increased the corporate tax from the new 20% to 20.94%, and we can’t have that.

Other provisions will put pressure on state and local spending for public schools while giving parents incentives to send children to private schools. That’s not always feasible in rural communities.

Both bills would curtail the federal deduction for state and local taxes meaning states, counties and cities will have a tougher time raising money for schools because those taxes will no longer be deductible.

You thought it was difficult to afford four high schools before?

Just wait.

Also, the bill would bar school districts from using cost-effective, tax-free “advance refund bonds” to refinance school bond debt, a prohibition that could prove costly for districts looking to refinance to save money,something our W.C.S.D. will no longer be able to utilize.

The above are just a couple of examples that make it very clear that, once again, my President promised us one thing, while delivering something quite different.


Scott R. Blume,