What will it take?

Dear Editor,

One a week….one a day?

One in your backyard?

One in your church?

If the time is not ripe for GUN control, it is certainly time for accessory control because if it is not here now then forget God help the dead, God help us.

It is truly sad that what I am proposing would only limit the carnage, not stop it. That we might read of only three dead rather than twenty-three. That one might die rather than three.

Bump stocks, 100 capacity clips, armor piercing rounds all are items that hold one use. Death.

A ban on high capacity clips was allowed to expire in 2004.

Currently, eight states and D.C. limit clips to 15 rounds or fewer.

Surely fifteen will do the job, whatever that “job” might be.

It is time for law-abiding, N.R.A. citizens to say “Enough” and push for reform.

You guys have to take the lead to save us all.

Otherwise, God help us.


Scott R Blume,