Veterans Day

Dear Editor,

I want to thank your staff for their special coverage of Veterans Day in Warren County. May we always be grateful to our military for their sacrifice.

With that in mind, it’s deeply troubling to see America, the designated leader of the free world, at war with itself. Abraham Lincoln stated “a nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, however certain factions are laboring 24/7 to remove those principles from every aspect of our society. A president is elected and a majority of the media, plus a disgruntled opposition, work feverishly to overthrow his administration. So much of social media is consumed with a hateful “us vs. them” mentality that thousands have closed their accounts. The corruption in Washington D.C. amazes even its harshest critics. Apparently, the lure of money and power has stripped many of our “public servants” of any concern for the will of the people.

The war on Christianity over the last several years has also been troubling. Certain Christian organizations like “Little Sisters to the Poor” were dragged into court because of their refusal to pay for abortions. Others were harassed simply because they opposed gay marriage. Nativity scenes and religious monuments have been removed because one group rides roughshod over the majority. Even many colleges are openly hostile to anyone espousing Christian beliefs. The idea that our Founding Fathers wanted religious expression banished from the public square is ludicrous!

Regarding the horrific drug epidemic that plagues our country; it’s obvious the cry is getting ever louder for legalization. This is being partly pushed by the same individuals that left our southern border wide open and told us not to be concerned. In the final analysis, the only people benefiting from this insanity are the drug cartels and politicians eyeing more tax dollars — certainly not the parents of addicted sons and daughters living on the streets.

In terms of the racial divide, I have an honest question: After all the sincere attempts at reconciliation, are there really more racists in the country or did we have a previous administration compounding the problem by fanning the flames?

In the Bible, specifically the book of Daniel, there’s a prophecy of the world’s super power shortly before Jesus Christ’s return. It turns its back on the God of Heaven and plunges into rapid decline. Daniel records this event four times, perhaps our nation should heed the warning.


John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley