Dear Editor,

I was wondering who the recent letter writer was referring to when he stated that Trump did not realize that the swamp was full of crocodiles and poisonous snakes. Hopefully the writer is aware of all the swamp dwellers Trump has surrounded himself with. The short list inludes the likes of Price (recently resigned), Mnuchin, Flynn (resigned), Kushner, Ross, Devos, Papadopouls, Manafort, Sessions, and Paige. I could go on, but I hope that the point has been made. Please research these people. You will find they feel entitled to lavish, taxpayer-funded trips and meetings with Russians that they have trouble recalling, among other swamp activities. Do your own research, because Fox News, Breibert, or InfoWars is the fake news Trump always speaks about. The only hope we have to drain the swamp is Robert Mueller. Enjoy!

Michael Griffin,