Dear Editor,

It is not very humanisitic for any medical facility to deny drugs to a person suffering from cancer. I do not believe in undue use of drugs without a reason. Riots and burning over Congress may be due to drugs and it could be a result of young people whose parents sent them off to college without teaching them to ever grow up and have any respect for others.

Let others fight the wars while they sit in colleges under foreign teachers who teach them not to reject country elections or any responsibility. All they are is a pain in the butt to the nation.

Trump may not be a perfect President but he is a lot better than anybody else. There is no perfect President. Most of the states picked the best we had. Most people like his slogan Make America Great Again. Betts always wanted a good slogan. Hillary had no slogan. Next time, Hillary, get a good slogan and by all means run again so Donald can beat your ass twice. It’s always better to beat people twice who CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS put out falsified polls to give Hillary an edge. Oh yes, she had every state but only went to California and New York. Battling D would hit every state. You can not jeopardize our security by putting sensitive, highly secretive information online. I do not see how any sane American can ever trust the Democrats with our country again. Obama and you and Kerry make it really hard for any American who cares to ever trust Democrats again with our precious country. But run Hillary, run, waste time and money!

Good day,

Shannon Hannah Sr.,